Africa’s lure is legendary. It is a land of mountains, mists, endless plains, rainforests and animals, great and small, in all their magnificence. Many believe this continent to be the birthplace of man, where for centuries, people have made their home, adapting to the varying typography and climates, learning to share the environment with the animal kingdom. Now major cities abound, Cape Town, South Africa, voted one of the ten Most Loved Cities in the World, with its magnificent architecture, beaches, lush botanical gardens….and great wine! The Kenya region of East Africa, with its capital, Nairobi, combines the legendary sweeping plains, animal reserves and incredible wildlife and an energetic urban life supporting great music, cuisine, nightlife and a combination of cultures and traditions that date back hundreds of years. Botswana, one of the least populated regions in this continent, contains the highest number of African elephants within its borders. Its grasslands and deserts provide the backdrop for a magnificent habitat with different wildlife. In Africa the sunrises and sunsets will remain with you forever. You will experience the laws of jungle life and acknowledge the survival of the fittest. Africa is a land of great contrasts which awaits you with its arms open wide. Come wander and wonder. You will leave it reluctantly, yearn for your return and forever remain changed.




It is not a cliché! Alaska is one of America’s last great frontiers. Nestled in the far northwest corner of North America, between Canada and the Pacific Ocean, it is the third largest state in the United States. With so many not-to-be missed sights, not to visit Alaska and experience our 49th state would be a loss.

You’ve heard of the Yukon, the Kodiak bear island, seen pictures of glaciers and the trails of the early Gold Rushers, but to visit there, by land or/sea, is beyond thrilling. It does happen, your eyes widen, you take in a quick breath, your pulse will race a bit and you are beyond awed as you take in the raw beauty of this land. Glaciers, one of nature’s miracles are almost within touching distance as you see them rise from the crystal clear waters, cold and still. Unless of course, you experience a glacier calving and hear the roar and squeak as a chuck of possibly hundred years old ice and snow crash into the sea. Frontier towns dot the sparsely populated land and offer you their own particular kind of hospitality and stories. Names like Skagway, Anchorage, Seward and Ketchikan become familiar with your visit to the town’s favorite saloon, or take a railroad ride along the tracks built by the miners of the Gold Rush and try to imagine the incredible hardships and strength of will to build this new land. Take a train through the Denali National Park, sit back under the domed ceiling of your train car and see scenery that will stay with you long beyond your visit– trees, forests and light unlike any other you have seen before. Here you can try some bear watching, drop your line in to hook a salmon, try a kayak ride on incredibly still waters or hop aboard a small boat to explore the marine life off Alaska’s almost movie-set-like coastline. There is this and more to pique the interest of every level of traveler. Alaska is easy to get to and a delight for visitors of all ages with its down to earth style. Do put Alaska on your travel list. It does not disappoint.




Antarctica, this southernmost continent, with all its mystery, remains largely unchanged. Here all your senses will be exhilarated by the multiple species of marine and land wildlife, where whales abound and tuxedoed penguins waddle from sea to shore. You will be amazed at the varying hues of the water, pristine and clear, from which the awe-inspiring, ageless icebergs majestically emerge. It is a dramatic land. The 18-24 hours of daylight during the peak travel months of October-March provide ample opportunity for the adventurer or curious traveler to immerse themselves in Antarctica’s raw, unforgettable beauty. The quiet and the drama of nature in its purest form will envelope you as you experience one of the most beautiful, unsullied places on earth.




There has always been mysteriousness about Asia. It is the world’s largest continent supporting a vast land mass and large population. Within its multiple regions, Asia encompasses a wide variety of cultures, marked by different languages, customs, politics, and ethnic groups. To any traveler, it is an entrance into world that is exciting, beautiful and exotic. The history of Asia goes back centuries and parallels the growth of civilization. Here there is much to see and do: the Great Wall awaits adding your steps to its history, energetic Hong Kong with the towering buildings along a world famous harbor will happily share its magnificent cuisine, the views from Stanley Peak and of course, its shops. A cruise down the Yangtze River, China’s longest river extending over 3900 miles, viewing the Three Gorges Dam, a constant flow of scenery, historical sites, temples and religious relics will give you a leisurely view of China life from a river’s view. And the not-to-be missed island of Singapore, a young thriving country with a dense population of varying economics, religions and cultures with its reputation for favorite pastimes of dining and shopping! Vietnam, a place of great conflict, great beauty and a history interwoven with ours, has become a popular destination for travelers of all levels. From its vibrant cities, to its beaches to the islands in Halong Bay, Vietnam is open and eager to share themselves with the world.

Asia, so diverse and so vast offers travelers innumerable opportunities to see a land and people so different, yet in some ways so similar and experience being part of a global community. An opportunity hard to resist.




Australia is a country of contrasts. A continent surrounded by water with a world famous coast. An interior that is arid, dotted with nature’s architectural wonders, the Red Rock and an aboriginal culture which traces back hundreds of years to form a rich history. Its constant is the warmth of its people and their join-in-the fun lifestyle. Australia is vast. “Down under” offers all who visit an array of tastes, sights and sounds to indulge in and relish. A day in Australia is indeed a “g-day”!

New Zealand, its nearest neighbor, boasts to be home to the friendliest people on earth. It is a boast both well-earned and well-deserved. The lively competition for this title continues between these two lands. This glorious island county is delights with its mountain peaks, the fun waterfront restaurants, adventurous Queensland with all its water activities and all the small towns in-between where you will be greeted as a long lost relative. Come, stay, relax and enjoy. And catch a rugby match if you can…WOW!




Nestled on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, the large Baltic region encompasses Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Poland. There is much to explore. Enjoy the large cities and small towns, each with their individual culture, traditions and history. Visit Stockholm with its harbor’s stunning natural archipelago seascape or the Old Town of quaint Tallinn where spontaneous concerts are common. Perhaps the crown in the jewel of a Baltic trip is St. Petersburg. Here you can revisit Russia’s tumultuous past and experience its future. The Land of Czars is rich with the history we once only knew through school, movies and books. Now, open to the world’s eyes, you too can stand in the Palaces of the Czars, see the religious mosaic magnificence of The Church of the Spilled Blood and view the priceless art collection of The Hermitage. To stand in Moscow’s Red Square cannot help but leave one a little awestruck not only by the architecture, but by the history that feels as if it is resounding from the walls. Come visit this charming, fascinating and historic region to see the past, meet its people and experience personally, their journey toward a vastly different future.




The British Isles are a group of islands located off the northern cost of Europe and includes the islands of Ireland, Great Britain and several thousand smaller islands. Here the traveler can enjoy a varied menu unique to each island and city that is sure to delight. Dublin, where everyone is made to feel Irish, gleefully shares its city with all who enter. The Trinity Library, the stables and tracks of the horse county and the street music is just the beginning of what Ireland has in store for you. Drive through this green land and see the lakes, cottages and valleys this country is known for. There’s Shannon and Waterford, Belfast, the great cathedrals and numerous smaller churches throughout the countryside. Golf is a passion here for residents and visitor alike with courses that will surely provide a challenge. Stop in a pub (or two) and you’ll be greeted as family.

Guernsey, part of the Channel Islands is both intimate and charming. Occupied by the Germans in WWII, and with some of the German defenses still intact, Guernsey shows any visitor true island life with its slower pace and compact size. Car racing, football and table tennis are popular here. Home to the Guernsey cow, the countryside of this small island is a delight. But don’t miss the town of St. Peter’s Port. Its tea shops, boutiques and people will charm you.

If you’re cruising the British Isles, a stop in Edinburgh Scotland is hopefully on your itinerary. A first view of Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital, reveals its massive castle overlooking and guarding the people and lands. Edinburgh, young, modern, historic and time honored relishes its heritage, energy, clans, scotch, kilts and fun loving populace. Take in the world famous Military Tattoo if you can and enjoy the thunderous sounds of the many clans in their full traditional regalia, bagpipes proudly carried and played as they march by hundreds into the castle’s arena. Stay, relax and sip a wee bit of that famous scotch.




The popularity of this area continues to increase as travelers head to Greece, Turkey’s exotic Istanbul and the ancient city ruins of Ephesus. While this area is rich in history and antiquities it also offers its many visitors the sun, sea and fun of the incomparable Greek Islands. The Greek island of Mykonos, with its shoreline windmills, winding, cobbled streets surrounded by pink bougainvillea flowing from every nook and cranny guarantees an opportunity to stroll, take a deep breath, dine in any one of the numerous outdoor restaurants and sip the local wine as you watch the day go gloriously by. Santorini, one of the most popular Greek islands, rises high above incredibly turquoise blue water (and reached by donkey, an uphill walk or tram) is all white washed buildings with cobalt blue doors. It is the iconic Greek Island and a favorite of many who find they must return again and again. The sun is magnificent and its warmth is only equaled by the island’s people. Shopping, eating, music and dancing surround you as you stroll the maze of cobblestoned streets. There’s always a treasure around the corner. Jewelry, art, fabrics, a wine shop to taste the local wines, bright white linen clothing, are all lay out to tempt you. Come and linger on this treasured island for as long as you can! You’ll be all the better for it.

In the Adriatic, on the Dalmatian Coast, the cities of Kotor, Montenegro and Dubrovnik have become the newest “hot spots” to see and be seen. The many itineraries to these newer cities offer any and all the opportunity to see places long closed to the traveling world. Now open and economically on the rise, these countries and cities are eager to share themselves with the world…and you.




A continent of diverse cultures, peoples and customs. For centuries, Europe was the world’s center. It was once considered that a trip to Europe was necessary to be truly cultured and educated. Today Europe continues to be a popular destination and open for all to visit, enjoy and become a part of something different. Europe is a world unto itself. Comprised of 47 countries (and counting), Europe’s art, music, history, architecture, politics, social structures and people vary dramatically both within each country and from country to country. Europe will broaden your personal horizons. It has so much to offer you. Will you see it all? It would be fun to try! Do pick a country, a city, a village and start your exploration. It is all there waiting for you.




History, beaches, nightlife, water sports, sun, fun….all abound in our neighbor to the south, Mexico. No need to travel too far to experience something different. Mexico can satisfy your need for a change and your appetite for a little culture close by. Visit the Inca and Mayan ruins, giving you a look into life here centuries ago. Explore the markets for spices that will add a new dimension to your favorite dishes. Or just soak in the sun and let its warmth bring you back to life. Mexico will give you its best…enjoy!




The pleasures of a particular season cannot be better appreciated or enjoyed than touring New England and Canada during fall. Be it on sea or land, the unique coastline and the popular cities of New England and the eastern seaboard offer unlimited offerings of culture, cuisine and just plain fun! Catch a Broadway play, visit the JFK presidential library, pick out your favorite yacht – or mansion – in Newport Rhode Island or try the best blueberry pie in Maine. Be you a leaf-peeper or not, excursions east and above this time of year are nothing but memorable. You can begin or end your trip visiting our neighbors to the north in Canada and explore old and new Montreal, satisfy your taste for French cuisine in Quebec or just relax and enjoy the rolling St. Lawrence Seaway. And the colors? They will warm your heart all winter long.




High mountains plummet to the deep blue waters of the sea. And it is those waters that have for centuries flowed and carved deep inlets which formed the Norwegian fjords, so beautiful that they are listed as a World Heritage Site. Waterfalls and rivers are part of this heralded landscape. The forests and villages scattered over the mountains are so perfect they almost look unreal. Norway is such a clean land. The air there is clear, crisp and feels healthy. You are energized by just breathing it in. But it is the natural beauty of Norway and its fjords which are the most energizing. Norway can be seen and enjoyed by land and sea. On sea, you will journey through the fjords and some of the most exquisite natural scenery on the planet. On land, you can visit the cities of Oslo, Spitsbergen, Tromso and more to experience Nordic lifestyle up close and personal. Hike the mountains, kayak Norway’s waters, and immerse yourself in one of nature’s finest creations. Do put Norway and the fjords on your travel list and be prepared for one of life’s most beautiful journeys.




This Latin continent provides any visitor with a tantalizing menu of sights, sounds and tastes. Pleasures abound here for every inclination. The typography, flora and fauna of the Amazon River and rainforest, the world’s driest desert in Chile, the mountain peaks of Patagonia magnificently demonstrate nature’s diversity and breathtaking beauty. South America will share its age and past cultures with you atop Macchu Picchu in Peru or introduce you to its own personal rhythm in Buenos Aires with a street side tango lesson. The beaches line up in Rio de Janero ready for you to indulge. Put yourself in the large, vibrant cities of the South America or its quieter, verdant rainforests and your senses will be exhilarated. South America is vibrant, green, spicy, passionate, intense, quiet, welcoming and awaiting your arrival.




Out there, floating in the Pacific Ocean is a bit of Paradise, known as the South Pacific Islands. With exotic names as Bora Bora, Papeete,Tahiti, Fiji, Tonga, travelers are enticed to find their “own special island”. And with several hundred islands spread throughout this area, there is sure to be an island just for you, one that will appeal to your own personal style, adventure level and interests. If one has to visit all the islands to find a favorite, then it was meant to be! On this part of the Pacific Ocean, water is so clear you can see far below its surface, flowers so numerous the air is perfumed with their scent, breezes that will quietly lull you to total relaxation….and of course, the sun. You can be as active as you choose and swim with humpback whales, snorkel and scuba dive to see and swim amid the ocean’s incredible marine life. Or just stroll the white sand beaches, dine on fresh fish for dinner, served by people who are happy you are there. Partake in any or all of island luxuries as you experience the wonder of the South Pacific. Each island will offer you a different culture unique to the island’s peoples. Explore their art, traditional dress and dances, their religious relics and the typography of their land. It’s hard not to envy a life in one of earth’s most perfect spots. How wonderful to experience it, if only for a short while. And, you can always go back…to your little piece of paradise!




If your schedule permits, indulge yourself with a transoceanic journey. The epitomes of luxury…days to rest, refresh and enjoy the quiet tranquility of you, the ocean and a day with no agenda. It is a time to relax after your stay elsewhere or anticipate the countries you are about to visit. To cross the ocean, leisurely, is to give yourself the time to just be…to be with yourself or with your family and friends. It is the time to enjoy the journey and the many offerings your ship can provide for you – only if you choose to – with no schedule in sight. Transoceanic voyages are truly not about the destination but the journey itself. When was the last time you were able to spend days between the water and the stars uninterrupted?




This popular travel location encompasses the countries of Italy, France, Spain, Sicily, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Corsica, Ibiza. All surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, they profit from the sea’s warm breezes, hot, sunny summers and stunning seaside vistas. Each country, with its own distinctive flavor, will delight the new European traveler or the experienced one. Here you will find the cities of history – Rome, Pompeii, Florence and Barcelona…the world famous playgrounds of St. Tropez, Monte Carlo and Ibiza, the lands of the world’s greatest artists, Monet, Picasso and Gaudi. This entire region is a treasure trove for any traveler to explore. It will keep you returning again and again.