Many cruise lines and land tours offer a large number of excursions in the locations they visit. These are designed to enhance your visit, gain some insight into the particular locale and give an introduction to the culture and life there. For the discerning traveler, one who is looking for a more in-depth, private experience which is tailored to their specific interests and wants, a custom excursion or an entire trip can be the perfect fit and the ingredient that makes your travel experience more personal, memorable and enjoyable. With today’s busy world, we are acutely aware that time and budget is at a premium. We believe that is why today, more and more clients chose to personally design their own trip for the ultimate travel experience based of their interests, their desires and their wishes.


Vineyard and red wine

Designed exclusively to coincide with the itineraries of the many cruise lines, Shore Excursions Group offers clients the opportunity to enjoy their time in ports by doing exactly what most interests them. Their excursions are designed for smaller groups which can be can be for a personal private party or a group of up to 12. Shore Excursions Group categorizes their excursions to accommodate a wide variety of activities and interests. The “Cultural” brings you close to the cultures, cuisines and customs of the people you visit. The “Active” is perfectly suited for the more adventurous traveler who yearns to kayak, hike and/or bike and partakes in other sporting activities around the globe. If you consider yourself cosmopolitan, then “City” should be your choice as you will be escorted to enjoy all the highlights and sophistication of the great cities of the world. “Scenic” will let you marvel at the nature’s magnificence in different environments and locations that will thrill you. And all of the arrangements will be handled by the Shore Excursion Group’s experts and monitored by your Guide who will be there with you every step of the way, allowing you the freedom to totally be in and relish the moment.

There is an excursion that is perfectly suited to you, that will fit your budget, your schedule, your ship’s itinerary. An adventure that will give you that special tingle of excitement and make your visit more memorable. Isn’t that what travel is all about? We will help you find it.




Too often the beginning, end or middle of a trip can be marred by the simple task of getting to and from airports, train stations, docks, hotels and/or special events. At Kelly Cruises & Tours, we can eliminate that possibility during your travels by arranging for private or shared transfers. Imagine having someone greet you upon your arrival, assist you with your luggage, show you to your waiting car and efficiently, quietly getting you to where you want to go. It’s not as simple as it sounds, especially when you are in unfamiliar territory, maybe a little weary or just a bit not-wanting-to deal-with-it.
We can assist you with all your transfer needs anywhere in the world, secure reservations for any size party with varying sizes and types of transport, leaving you to simply go on your merry way. This is just one of the many services that KC&T can provide for you and insure that your travel experience begins, ends or continues to exceed any expectation you may have.