Who you travel with and the manner in which you travel adds or subtracts greatly from your overall experience. In our efforts to provide our clients with excellence and luxury on every level, we are proud of the Tour Travel Partners with whom we work. Their standards are equal to ours. We combine our talents and expertise to provide only the best product to you.


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Owned and family operated since its beginning in 1963, Micato has become synonymous with the African Safari. In a land that stretches beyond one’s vision and expectations, a Micato Safari will truly change your life. With Micato you will experience life in Africa as one born in this land. Micato was originated by a family born and raised in Africa, whose members continue to work in all aspects of their business. To them, Micato is their family and all who experience a Micato safari become a part of the family – a place you will love to be. Each safari is staffed by Africans who intimately know their birthplace and are eager to share its beauty, lore and history with you. Your experience will be flawless. Your accommodations will exceed anything that you may have expected. Your dining will rival the cuisine in the finest restaurants of the world.

And the wildlife you will see….. Micato’s guides know where they are and bring you to them to see, not from a distance, but up close, in the environment they were born to inhabit and which is rightly theirs.

Micato, Kelly Cruises & Tours and an African Safari. A combination you must experience to truly understand why mere words cannot do it justice.



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Established in 1925, Tauck’s reputation precedes itself in the over 70 countries it actively travels to yearly. Known for their excellence in luxury travel, Tauck and Kelly Cruises & Tours is a partnership built on their mutual quest for the best for their clients. To travel with Tauck Tours is to travel well. Attention to detail, knowledgeable and experienced tour leaders and access to events and behind- the-scenes locations guarantee the high degree of excellence you expect. Tauck spends two years developing and researching their itineraries before making them available to clients to insure that the experience is exceptional and the journey seamlessly perfect in every way. Every aspect of your tour is handled by Tauck. Your transportation, transfers, luggage, hotels and dining are all quietly and efficiently taken care of by Tauck’s staff. Tauck Tours are all-inclusive, so there are no additional charges along the way. You know exactly what you are paying for. Your only responsibility is to relax, enjoy and be transformed by the whole luxurious experience.

For a truly unique, very personal and memorable travel experience that is far beyond the ordinary….for the very best, look to Tauck and Kelly Cruises & Tours.




Touring with Trafalgar/Brendan is like visiting a personal friend who lives in the place you wish to visit. You are greeted enthusiastically and warmly. Your concerns disappear as you put yourself into your friend’s capable hands and let him/her show you the way. They’ll share the “good spots” with you and make sure you experience the best places to eat, to sleep, to have fun. They’ll definitely want you to see the important sights, the hidden away gems and help you get into a few places you never knew where there. This is travel with Trafalgar/Brendan.

For close to 70 years Trafalgar/Brendan has been escorting land tours to countries throughout the world – Asia, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Each Travel Director is an expert in the locations they will take you to. They will handle all the details -luggage, transportation, your accommodations –and all those little unexpected “hassles” that sometimes travel can put in your way. This leaves you nothing to do put enjoy, enjoy. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? Put yourself in Kelly Cruises & Tours and Trafalgar/Brendan’s capable hands for your next memory-in-the-making.